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Customer Services


  • Delivery: within a 50 mile radius
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • We ship anywhere in the continental U.S.
  • Evaluation of client for specialized products
  • Evaluation of client's home for powerchair accessibility
  • Time and travel to secure proper documentation for patient
  • Labor for warranty repair of products
  • Pick-up and delivery of product
  • Monitoring use of product
  • Billing of primary or secondary payer sources
  • Rework of denied claims
  • Follow-up with physicians (progress and compliance)
  • We prepare compliance reports for doctors and insurance companies on the patient’s behalf
  • Product and technology training for physicians and therapists
  • Cleaning of equipment
  • Providing additional E tanks and M-6 at no charge
  • Provide oxygen conserving devices for client's ease of portability of O2
  • Accepting assignment (we file your claim with the insurance company or Medicare so you receive the maximum benefit available)